Two Faces of the Nile

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I hope all is well with each of you. In Uganda, we have been very busy working on our new line, focusing extensively on stream-lining our production capacity, increasing quality control, and expanding our product line.

More stories about our producer groups are forthcoming – but meanwhile I wanted to share some of our experiences travelling in this beautiful country.

Fair Earth Whitewater Nile

On our second day in Uganda, we found ourselves catapulted into the waters of the Nile on a whitewater excursion. The experience was breathtaking, wild, and exhilarating. Click here to see photos!

Fair Earth Whitewater Nile River

Fair Earth Whitewater Nile River

A couple days later, still breathless from the explosive White Nile, we found ourselves gently cruising down the river’s slow-moving current, watching hippos surround our boat and observing hundreds of crocodiles lined up along the shore..

Fair Earth Murchison FallsWater Buffalo, Sacred Ibis, and Hippos on the shores of the Nile

Fair Earth Murchison Falls

Fair Earth Murchison Falls

Our boat cruse brought us to the frothy basin of Murchison Falls. The next day we hiked up to the top – where the ENTIRE NILE RIVER explodes through a narrow cleft in the rock only 23 feet wide to the frothy pool 140 feet below – absolutely phenomenal to witness!

Fair Earth Murchison FallsView of Murchison Falls from above

Fair Earth Murchison FallsNick, Kiran, and our guide at the top of the Falls

Holly at the top of the falls

Enjoy the photos here!


Holly Elzinga

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