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Saturday, May 8th, 2010

First of all, thanks to those of you who joined Chicago Fair Trade at the Daley Plaza for our World Fair Trade Day Celebration!

I also wanted to share a campaign that Green America is launching to celebrate World Fair Trade Day - Fair Trade Your SuperMarket.

Check it out! They provide some really great practical guidelines about how to get fair trade products into your local supermarket. It’s frustrating to not be able to find fair trade products in the places you normally shop to get your groceries. Instead of making choices which compromise your ideals, why not take some action to fair trade your supermarket?

From Green America, below is a sampling of resources found on the Fair Trade Your Supermarket Campaign website:

Action steps – Steps to you can take to convince a store to go Fair Trade.
Postcards – Downloadable messages that you can mail to supermarket headquarters, or drop in comment boxes
What to say – Talking points for sharing the story of Fair Trade with store managers
In-store messaging – Downloadable shelf-cards to place where a Fair Trade product should be in a store (or drawing other shoppers’ attention to the Fair Trade products that are there)
Picture uploading – Send us an image of yourself at the supermarket, and we’ll ad you to our slideshow of Fair Trade shoppers across the country who are working to make Fair Trade more available everywhere.
Twitter – Include #FairTradeYourSupermarket in your tweets to let your friends and fellow campaigners know what you’ve done to Fair Trade Your Supermarket.

Happy World Fair Trade Day!!

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